Play for ALL

User-centered design products promote child development of the ages 4+ years, including children with special needs.

Child Development

Promote physical development in fine and gross motor, creativity to cognitive thinking and social skills. Motivate experiential learning for children which enhances their further development.


Using non-toxic materials – certified by global standards – CE Marking (European Standard) and ASTM F963 (American Toy Safety Standard)


‘Design Excellence Award 2018’ (DEmark)The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) | ‘Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury’ in Salon International Des Inventions Genève 2018, Switzerland | ‘Outstanding Innovation 2017’ in Education Area, National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)

Activities & CSR

We are working toward building a more inclusive society through our CSR projects. With supports from corporations, we intensively focus on giving equal development opportunities to “ALL” children in order to enrich early child development especially for children with special needs and disabilities.

Our Awards

Our dedicated works resulted in many nominees and awards from both  local and global standards.

Our Vision & Mission

BLIX POP’s philosophy is to deliver fun and happiness through play – designing our toys in a way that allows children, including special needs children, to be able to develop to the fullest in their early years. BLIX POP aims to encourage physical development at the same time as their ability to think creatively and exercise their cognitive thinking skills. Through our team’s in-depth research, our products encourage children to develop their social skills alongside their tactile sensory so that children are able to engage in experiential learning which could lead to more complex development growing.

We are proud to work with

Here are our beloved customers and partners who love to improve child livelihood.