Blixpop playground, our signature product, has been studied and designed to promote child development. It consists of 4 square blocks which children can build to create their own indoor play area. The playground set allows children to enhance their physical in fine-gross motor, imagination-creative thinking and social skills. Regardless of their abilities, children are encouraged to improve their skills through this universal design playground.


Family Set

Family Set (20 Blocks)

Base – 8 blocks
Builder – 4 blocks
Grass – 5 blocks
Wood – 3 blocks

Kids: 1-3 players / Age: 1-3 yrs
Kids: 1-2 Players / Age: 4-8 yrs

Space: 2m x 2m (Compact space: Home, Condo, Small therapy room)

Playground Set

Playground set  (40 blocks)

Base – 16 blocks
Builder – 8 blocks
Grass – 10 blocks
Wood – 6 blocks

Kids: 3-5 players / Age: 1-3 yrs
Kids: 2-3 players / Age: 4-8 yrs

Space: 3m x 3m (School, Play area, Sensory room)